5 ways to save big on your next Disney trip 

A Disney trip can drain your bank account faster then you can blink. So it super important to do your homework so you you can save some dough and still have a blast.

After you spend hundreds of dollars on tickets and gas or airfare. Then paying for a hotel room you start to consider how does anyone afford this. How ever have a Disney savvy insider really helps you out, you can save enough money on your trip to bake it the happiest place on earth!! Here our my helpful tips to help make that happen

  1. Collect free souvenirs before buying any: Did you know that you can get a few free items throughout Disney? When you go into the parks at guest relations ask for you free buttons they have one for most occasions. First time, Just married, happy birthday,  Family reunions,and Engaged. The maps to all the parks are a freebie there always fun to take home and look at them later. Ask your Jungle Cruise guides for a map, and they’ll happily present your kids with one, and most Tom Sawyer’s Riverboat captains will give a certificate to guests who ask to pilot the boat  
  2. Have your picture taken for free: While the Disney Photopass photographers are there to sell professional pictures, they’re happy to take a cell phone snap of your family if you ask politely.
  3. Plan a Free day.                    There’s some duplicity of meaning in “free” day. Here it means both a day where you don’t have the theme parks on your schedule, and a day when you focus on things that are free. Going shopping at Downtown Disney most likely will not be free even though there is no “admission” fee–it could very easily cost more than a day in the park. Do a resort tour, go swimming in your hotel’s pool, or go for a walk around the resort. There’s ton to do for free at disney ( I have another post “free” things to do ). 
  4. Bring Your Own Snacks and Water.                                     The tasty Disney treats are going to tempt you but park munchies can add up quickly. Pack snacks like granola bars, fruit gummies, and cheese and  crackers to keep you and the kids satisfied. Go ahead and indulge on a few Disney-themed snacks, such as the unique pineapple-flavored soft serve Dole Whip dessert but buying multiple treats throughout your day gets pricey. Same goes for paying $3 per bottle of water. Bring a refillable water bottle instead. Collapsible bottles are easy to pack, saving you money.   
  5. 2. Plan an off-peak visit.       For adults with flexible schedules or parents who are willing to allow their kids a few days off from school, there are hundreds of dollars in savings just by visiting at a less busy time of year.                           Not only will your flight probably be cheaper, but Disney’s room rates can drop significantly in the “off season,” which includes slow months like January or September. The same rule applies for most local hotel chains, in addition to other travel expenses like car rentals. You’re also more likely to have access to the best promotions and other deals if you plan your visit outside of the busy summer months. But the benefits don’t end there. By visiting in the fall, not only will you be able to tour the parks in cooler, more comfortable temperatures, but you won’t have the hassle of fighting wall-to-wall crowds at the Magic Kingdom or suffering through two-hour waits for attractions.

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