Our 7 BEST Things to See at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Disney’s Magic Kingdom is my children’s favorite theme park. Though it is so, hard to choose because they are all amazing and memorable.There is so much to see in the Magic Kingdom that its super hard to narrow it down to our favorites. But if your headed there you will want to know the BEST things to see. These are some of our suggestions:

Magic Kingdom Welcome Show
Head Down Main Street
Main Street is where it’s at when it comes to Disney’s Magic Kingdom! It’s a “home town” feel with so much to do. There is Disney Characters, ice cream, dancing, Parades, pin trading,and my husbands favorite the Electrical Light Parade, the smells are so delicious on Main street and there’s so much.


Grab some Grub
When it comes to grabbing some grub at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, you may be confused. There are so many options, so where to eat? Experiencing eating or dining in Disney is one of the highlights of our trips. We like to mix it up when we eat at Disney. We love the Be Our Guest Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom park. Pinocchio’s, Liberty Tree Tavern, and Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café.


Splash Mountain
If you’ve never been to Disney before, Splash Mountain is a must experience. It’s that great log ride we have all loved at other theme parks but so much better. We just love the characters at Splash Mountain there super adorable. This ride is a super fun, and exciting, its a must-do ride. It helps on the super hot days to get splashed .

Haunted Mansion
This is my all time favorite ride. Once riding this a time or 20, we can appreciate the Mansion with a shrewder eye.I Take pleasure in the craft and process of the ride’s creation and operation. It’s like being a fan of magic.This ride is a memorable. Upon entering the Mansion, your escorted to a massive room by a disembodied Ghost Host. The doors lock, the room elongates, And then suddenly, the lights go out. Lightning strikes. Guests hear a high pitched scream in the darkness and can see a corpse hanging from the rafters. It aways give my 6-year-old chills. By themselves, these disorienting effects would have been frightening. But they’re not, Most of us are too busy staring and laughing at the portraits, which elongate to reveal some embarrassing, darkly humorous scenarios. If you’ve never been to the Mansion, use your hand to cover the bottom halves of the portraits, and slowly move your hand downwards. No one is scary when he’s lost his pants.I don’t want to ruin any more surprises for you but it’s a must ride for sure.

Space Mountain
I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Space Mountain, but it’s my 7-year-olds favorite ride . It’s an actual “roller coaster” and an amazing experience in the dark . It that it could be the tallest “mountain” in Florida if it could be claimed as a mountain. When you’re on Space Mountain, you truly feel as though you’re going out of this world with its turns and ups n downs and the stars.

Pirates of the Carabian
Board a small barge for a spellbinding high-seas adventure. Behold boisterous buccaneers drunk on the spoils of plunderin’ during the cruise in the Old World. Sing along as windswept pirates serenade you with their classic anthem, “Yo Ho, Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life for Me).” And even spy a sly Captain Jack Sparrow from The Pirates of the Caribbean film series along the way! Super fun for the whole family.

Disney After Hours
We love Disney’s Magic Kingdom is Disney’s After Hours. It’s a special time to check out the attractions with no waiting. I encourage you to do this if you really don’t want to wait in line. It might be harder for little kids to stay up late, but if you have teenagers, it could be totally worth it.They have an electrical light parade that is my husbands favorite thing to see.

Electrical Light Parade


At Disney’s Magic Kingdom there is so much to do so much to see. I would recommend you take two days to see the park. You cannot experience everything in just one day. Park Hoppers are a favorite of mine as you can leave one theme park and visit another in the same day.

What are your favorite things to do and see at Disney’s Magic Kingdom?

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  1. We are going to Disney next fall. Thanks for the great ideas.

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