4 Tips For Making Father’s Day Great

Spend time together: Enjoying each other’s company as a family seems simple. But it’s so easy to get sidetracked from your time together when you get caught up in day to day activity. Get away from the house take this day to focus on spending time together as a family. Go for a walk, have a picnic, go to the beach,  go swimming share dreams together. Now that’s a day Dad will remember!

Focus on Dad:  Don’t plan everything for him, give him the gift of freedom and choice. Let him make decisions about what to do and how to spend the day. If he’s a sports fan, go see his favorite team play. If fishing his passion? Even if you’re not so keen on fish and  bait, go along with him.

Make him breakfast in bed: Dad always wants some extra hours to sleep in. And since you’ll probably be awake early feeding the kids make some scrambled eggs or toaster waffles while you’re at it.Even easier: Pick up something at the local bakery and, voilà, easy peasy. Just don’t forget the oj!!

Make him a gift: Dad will love anything you make way more then if you bought it at the store. Make dad a simple card or a hand print picture. There are a ton of crafting ideas to do for him

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