Some Like It Hot, Spice Up Your Love Life

sexy Are you in a long-term relationship, chances are the spark has dimmed or even disappeared, from your sex life. Sure, you may still do the deed, but the fireworks aren’t poppin’ like they once were in the beginning. Even if you think there’s nothing wrong with your relationship. that’s no reason to get in a slump in the sheets.There’s always room for improvement. If you’re in a bit of a rut or want to bring some life back to the bedroom, here are some things to try to get that fire burning again.
sexy police.jpg  It’s easy to take your partner for granted, so why not take it back to the beginning and pretend like you just met. A new relationship is always super exciting, so make plans to meet up at bar and go to him as if he was a stranger from across the room, hit on him, make him all hot and bothered. Sounds too corny? Okay, well try dressing up in a costume and role play. You can be the police officer cuff him up or the naughty nurse taking his temperature. I love 3Wishes for all my role play needs there costumes are super cute and sexy yet very affordable. Anything you choose just have fun and be creative. Do this often so that he wonders which of your hot alter egos he’ll be lucky enough to meet for the nightsexy nurse.
Perhaps one of your fantasies is something simple, like trying new positions. It doesn’t have to involve costumes, role playing, or sexting.. A simple reverse cowgirl might be all you need to get you flowing. There are tons of positions to try and there are a plenty of books that list them and instruct you on how you can do them. You will most likely want to stretch first because they require some flexibility.
If none of these tickle your fancy you can always try. Putting your hands all over his body. That might do the trick to get aroused…so why not warm him up with a sensual massage? Turn the lights down, the music on, light some candles, take a shower together, and then massage him with oil on some fresh sheets…see how quickly he’ll flip over and grab you.
sexy nighgown.jpgSpicing things up means learning more about your body it gives us a plan to help us try more things and perhaps discover new things that feel good or not so good. It helps us feel more adventurous in bed. It also gives us something new to look forward to. Marriage is supposed to be fun, and if it isn’t that way, just don’t just give up. Many couples,would like to try different things, but they really don’t know where to start. I know that searching google can get overwhelming sometimes. I hope I’m giving you a few new things to spice it up.

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