Kids’ Culinary Academy of Florida

In this fun, five-day camp, kids will practice essential kitchen skills and learn basic baking and cake decorating . Young chefs love working alongside classmates . It’s in the afternoons from 1:00 until 5:00 for kids ages 6-10 There ovens are full of bread, rolls, pastries, cupcakes, and cakes. They will spend one on one time with each mini chef and work on their skills.Each mini chef will bring home their days creations for you to taste and share with family.
The tuition is a bit step, but what kid wouldn’t love to spend the week learning to cook delicious sweets. Each mini chef will receive their own chef uniform, pants, jacket, apron and chef’s hat. Also, their own personal Cake Decorating Kit to take home and continue on decorating. They graduate on Saturday’s each child will receive a diploma from the Kids’ Culinary Academy of Florida. They invite all family and friends to enjoy a buffet luncheon that the campers will prepare at graduation.IMAG1095.jpg

Day 1 Kitchen safety, Make bread, puff pastries, and muffins.
Day 2 Puff pastry and danish
Day 3 chocolate covered strawberries and cupcakes
Day 4 Chef’s are baking pies, cakes, fruit pies my son made a cherry apple pie.
Day 5 learn cake decorating. mini chefs decide what kind of cake they want, and decorate a cake of their own cake.
Day 6 Campers will have fun showing off what they have learned at the graduation luncheon.IMAG1103

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  1. Great post! Sounds like a really fun place to take the kids to learn about baking! I am also in FL and we love Disneyworld! 😀

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