Tens Unit –

When you have sore and aching muscles, the tens unit will help alleviate the pain.  Your nerves are making you hurt, the tens unit will provide pain relief.
This is a  powerful part of managing chronic pain without ever having to risk any of the dangerous side effects that drugs and modern medicines almost always come with.



Back pain
Neck Shoulder Pain
Wrist pain
Muscle pain
Labor pain
Foot pain
Knee pain
Ankle Pain
Cancer pain
Menstrual pain
Multiple Sclerosis
Sports injuries


Carpal tunnel syndrome
Whiplash injuries
Neuropathic Pain
Chronic Pain
Period Pains
Pregnancy/ Labour Pains
Rheumatism b


Buy the Tens Unit  here I recommend it.
It has been helping myself greatly with my headaches and lower back pain.

I received this product at free or low cost for my honest review .


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