Give LuLaRoe A Chance To Make Your Vacation More Enjoyable 

I recently went on a trip to Walt Disney World in Florida for five days.  I had the opportunity to try some new clothing from LuLaRoe.  The leggings were very comfy lightweight and the material is super soft.  Walking around Disney all day wasn’t an issue at all, I didn’t get hot in the leggings, I felt as though I didn’t have pants on.


There are lots of fun designs to choose from, which makes you want to get more to match with other outfits.  I can see how it’s addicting to build a collection, I may need rehab soon! Despite the recent media on the quality if the leggings, i discovered quite the opposite.  I inspected the leggings very closely and here is my advice. First of all, order the proper size, these leggings are not one size fits all. There is a size that fits most “osfm”, as well as 2 other sizes; “tc” is the size for the taller or more curvaceous lady and then there is the “tween” size which is for the smaller body size and teens.  Choose the correct size, even though the material is stretchy and forgiving, it can only go so far before failure.  Secondly, there are very specific washing instructions, follow them, as I am sure there was a lot of research on how to best care for the material.

I found a really great and honest representative who treats you fair on price and doesn’t price gouge the harder to find prints. She has a wonderful Facebook group where she posts the clothes for you to look at and purchase. If you haven’t yet tried LuLaRoe I would definitely give Nicole Morin’s group a try.

Facebook Group: LuLaRoe Nicole Morin



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