LEGOLAND Beach Retreat

This last week LEGOLAND opened their newest resort in Florida and will be calling it the LEGOLAND Beach Retreat.  We Were one of the first to stay at the resort, which was a pleasure all in its own.  The resort is very beautiful and set up like a small town with a central play area in each themed cove.  Also at the Beach Retreat we noticed something that we had never seen at a resort, each bungalow had its own on-demand hot water system, which will ensure that hot water will never run out, we hope to see this become a trend in all resorts.


Dinner was amazing, while there was a good selection of food we were a bit disappointed in the variety that was available.  The staff told us that the menu would be the same nightly. If we were a guest staying for more than a night or two this would be likely the only downfall of our stay. Breakfast was great but once again selection was lacking. Lunch at the time we stayed was not available.  A full liquor selection was available as well as a great beer selection including favorites from national breweries as well as some local craft brewers. The house specialty drinks were well balanced, priced decently and were presented in an amazing fashion




Another very neat thing we noticed and again we hope to become a trend was the lifeguard staff. They were very interactive with guests, talking, splashing and playing with other guests, really enjoying themselves, not sitting in a chair with a smug look on their face showing how much they dislike their job. The LEGOLAND lifeguards were top notch. The pool is great for kids as it includes a zero-entry opening and the max depth is 3’.   Another unique feature at the pool were the foam Lego bricks in different shapes and peg counts.  At poolside was also a fire pit and a magnificent view of the resorts key feature, the lighthouse.



Back at the room, the amenities are great! The outlets had built in usb 2.0 ports that charge devices at 2.1 amps, perfect for any tablet, were located on both sides of the king size bed and in the kid’s bedroom near the triple bunk bed. Speaking of the kid’s bedroom there was a treasure box filled with a surprise inside, our surprise was a wide assortment of Duplo Legos that our kids played with forever.  The restroom was spacious and full of the classic resort restroom amenities as well as a built it flips down child seat, just in case you have a little one that is potty training. Besides the on-demand hot water system there was another very neat feature in the room, something we all hate about the normal hotel room and that was the ac system, standardly they are very noisy and are very in-efficient, the ac system at the Beach Retreat was very like the system we all have in our home and was whisper quiet, other features in the room were a mini fridge, a Keurig coffee brewer as well as a safe.  Another feature that many would look over was the doorbell system set up specifically in certain rooms to help make the stay for the blind or def that much more enjoyable and safe.

legoland room.jpg

We had a lot of fun at the LEGOLAND Beach Retreat and we look forward to returning very soon. If you’d like to visit the LEGOLAND beach retreat contact Jamie Welch-Schelin with Magical Enchanted Vacations @ or @321-800-8853, and she can help you book and plan your next trip to the LEGOLAND Resort theme park and waterpark as well as the Beach Retreat or any other destination your heart desires.

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