Is Xchime on dad’s list for Father’s Day 

Home security and automation just got a bit smarter today with the launch of Xchime’s Indiegogo campaign. With video doorbells being a key part of any home safety setup, Xchime aims to broaden the usefulness by adding convenience and security features such as a garage door opener and smart light bulb integration. After only 2 weeks since launch, Xchime is now over 200% funded with first units expected to ship quickly in August 2017.
“While there are a number of smart doorbells on the market, the Xchime claims to differentiate itself with a compendium of features and a more accessible price point.” say, Lulu Chang of Digital Trends

Expand Beyond the Front Door
Garages are one of the entry points for criminals, typically when home owners forget to (completely) close the garage door. With an additional Xchime unit set up in the garage, instantly view the status of your garage door from your mobile device. Open or close it with one touch from our mobile app, using the optional garage door opener kit add-on accessory. Light is also a major deterrent to would-be thieves. Integrate your smart light bulbs with Xchime to remotely turn on or off exterior lights.

Say Goodbye to Lag

Lag time is a common complaint with other video doorbells. Anyone who’s used one knows the frustration of having a 7 or 8 second delay from when someone pushes the doorbell to when you can see and hear what’s going on.Xchime’s crack team of engineers worked hard to significantly reduce lag time, getting it closer to real-time.

Fits Any Budget

Leading video doorbells range from $199 to $249. Early backers of Xchime can get units for only $129 each, making the Xchime a perfect fit for any home budget.


Xchime features also include:

-HD video (1080p)

-Two-way audio

-Video live-view and communication

-Latency (lag)-free streaming

-Night vision

-Wide-view angle

-Cloud recording

-Wide operating temperature range (-40F to 150F)

-Dual power supply (16-24VAC & 12-24VDC)

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  1. Oh Beehave! says:

    That sounds like a really handy safety device! Our doorbell has been playing up lately so maybe we will need to invest in a new one…

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