Best Pool Toy Ever

The nostalgic Rubber Ducky, a cheerful staple to sudsy bath time fun, has had an “Alice in Wonderland”-style growth spurt to become The Giant Yellow Duck, a swimming pool inflatable that offers both its traditionally adorable look and ample space for three kids to hop on and make a splash this holiday season. Moms looking for a gift idea guaranteed to put a smile on a child’s face can’t pass up the power of this friendly yellow fun-maker.
World-class pool toy company The Giant Yellow Duck ( offers the experience of family time and lasting memories throughout the year. While the big Ducky comes in an easily wrappable box perfect for placing under the tree, once inflated it is ready for impressive pool play at a stable 6-feet long and 5-feet wide. A child receiving The Giant Yellow Duck will undoubtedly be mesmerized by the possibilities and playtime potential offered by this new island of an inflatable bird. It’s great for using at home during staycation or is easily portable to tote along on your family getaway to poolside destinations.

The US-based company uses only heavy-duty vinyl when making this rugged vessel of a pool float, and the sturdy product endures the fun-loving and adventurous spirit of outdoor play in the pool. Every kid who ever had a Rubber Ducky will love the giant version of it and the great care for durability put into the design ensures long-lasting enjoyment and memories. Handles affixed to the duck’s neck make great holds during play, or Mom can sneak aboard and relax on its generous surface area to soak up the sun.
The holiday gift retails for $59 at and includes free shipping to U.S. customers. It also ships to Mexico and Canada. It has been labeled “the hottest pool toy of 2016” and is an attractive head-turner when out on the water, such a lovable emblematic toy to bring to the pool. Everyone has some connection to Rubber Duckies, only there’s so much more of this model to love.


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