BobSweep Is My New Favorite Toy

When I received it I was really surprised at the size of it, much smaller than I had imagined. I was anxious to test it out, so using the guide. I had it unpacked and on the charger in less than 10 minutes. I suggest  you consider the location you want to set the base, not because it’ll take up much room, more just to have it out of the way and you don’t want to trip over it. Not that I did that or anything. 🙂

The course the BobSweep takes is still a mystery to me. Mine goes from one room to the next and back and forth several times.It seems drunk to me. Sometimes it zigzags and other times it follows a path. Overall though my tile floors are noticeably cleaner. I still run my regular vacuum once a week, but the amount it picks up is a lot less than it used too.

It’s not loud – much quieter than a regular vacuum and I can be watching TV and it’s vacuuming in the next room. but it is too loud to watch TV if it’s running in the same room. And, my cat and my dogs were not afraid of it at all. They can be in the same room with it with no issues they just move out of the way.

It is designed to recharge himself when he runs out of juice. As soon as he feels tired and he knows he is running out of charge, he glides to his charge-up station and fits himself into it if he can find it. After a short nap, he’s ready to start cleaning your floors again!





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