Introvert Life Isn’t Always Peaches and Sunshine.

My life of an introvert is not an easy life to live. Being one, I often want out of this lifestyle, out of my body.  Since this is who I am, I must learn to embrace it. Introverts tend to be very misunderstood by those who do not identify with them so here’s a better look into my head.

What is an introvert

The Oxford Dictionary defines an introvert as “a withdrawn or reserved person.” Its verb form translates to, “to turn (the mind, thought, etc.) inwards upon itself; to direct (one’s thinking or effort) to that which is internal or spiritual.”

I must say alone time is essential to an introvert as myself. I I mean I absolutely need it. My idea of “fun” is simple Netflix, and a comfy sofa or more like my bed and maybe some nachos.  But I can be complicated in so many ways trust me. Don’t expect immediate, consistent texts from me, you’re likely not going to get it. We may have had texts going back and forth for hours. Then nothing, dead silence, my clock ran out, my brain said no more. Once that happens, I’ll respond when I’m ready to. Right now, I just don’t have it in me to keep the conversation going. Sorry.


Phone calls?  Ha! I hate them! I will text before a phone call any day of the week. Spending time with me, an hour or two may not seem like very long, but to me, that’s a long time it’s a lot. My time and space is very important to me. If I share it with you, cherish it. I mean it. If you’ve been blessed enough to spend an entire day with me, don’t expect to spend the next day with me. I use the next day to sleep and rejuvenate.


Here’s where I get tricky, I love to travel, I’m a traveling fool. Travel should be my middle name. I will say most introverts travel alone. I’m no different I do prefer to travel solo. Over the years I’ve discovered how much fun it is to travel to unfamiliar places. Nowhere exotic yet, just simply places I’ve never been.

If traveling with me I do my best effort to put up with you and whatever shenanigans you try to get me into. I do most of my traveling with my kids. I have learned to adjust and deal with my children though I will tell you I take long showers to hide. I will most likely take a walk or go for a swim for some me time while traveling.

girl water.jpeg

Some of your favorite artists, actors, and inventors are introverts, like Bill Gates, Lady Gaga, Marilyn Monroe. We all manage quite well and we aren’t too different from you, we just need to be tended to differently. It all starts with an understanding.

Over time I’ve learned to accept that I’m introverted though with some extroverted tendencies, like going on crazy spontaneous adventures.  I call myself the adventurous introvert.


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