Taking a look at D23 2017 Park and Resorts Panel

     Back on July 15, 2017, during the D23 Expo 2017, one of the panels that all Disney fans were looking forward to was the Parks and Resorts panel. This panel would let Disney fans know what attractions and resorts were coming to the Disney parks around the world. Going into the panel, there were several rumors going around and some blogs were even “confirming” things before Disney made any announcements. After all was said and done, Walt Disney World and Disneyland were going to be getting major add-ons (and some controversy with some as well). Here were the announcements that were made

1) The new Star Wars land that is coming to Disneyland and Disney World will be called Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. In the Land, there will be two rides. One of the rides will be where you will be put in the middle of the fight between the First Order and the Resistance. The other ride will be where you will pilot the Millennium Falcon. Plus, to top off Galaxy’s Edge, there will be a Cantina bar (in which, the DJ of the bar will be Rex, the pilot from the original Star Tours ride)

2) A Tron roller-coaster will be coming to the Magic Kingdom and will be put right next to Space Mountain in Tomorrowland.

3) For the first time ever in Disney Parks history, there will be a Mickey Mouse attraction. This attraction will be taking the spot that is currently being used by the Great Movie Ride.

4) A Ratatouille ride will be placed in the France pavilion at EPCOT

5) The China Pavilion will be getting a new film for the 360-degree theater

Epcot blue sky.jpg

6) A Guardians of the Galaxy ride will be taking the spot where Ellen’s Energy Adventure is currently at

7) Disney’s Hotel New York in Disneyland Paris will be themed to Marvel and will be called Hotel New York- Art of Marvel

8) Walt Disney World will be getting two new resort hotels. One will be called Disney Riviera and it will be a DVC (Disney Vacation Club) resort. The other resort will be a Star Wars resort.


9) WDW will also be getting new transportation to help with the overcrowded buses. They will be getting an Uber-style service called Minnie-Vans and will also be getting sky-liner gondolas that will connect Hollywood Studios and EPCOT, along with the surrounding hotels.

10) The Disney Cruise Line will be getting not 2, but 3 new ships…making the grand total of ships 7

11) A Beauty and the Beast live show will be coming to DCL and will be based on the live action film

12) A brand new theater will be coming to the Magic Kingdom and it will be put off of Main Street USA and will be based on Walt’s hometown theater in Kansas City.

13) Toy Story Land, which is coming to DHS, will be opening up in the summer of 2018

14) Pixar Fest 2018 will be coming to DL and will feature new fireworks and character. Plus there will be a Pixar themed parade coming to DL, called Pixar Play and Paint the Night (night time parade) will be coming to DCA

15) Next summer, Paradise Pier will be renamed Pixar Pier

16) Cars Land at DCA will be given a Halloween overlay

17) Spiderman and the Avengers attractions will be coming to DCA, right next to the GotG ride at DCA.

Well, that was a lot of announcements. Since the announcements, made, the major controversies were that they were getting rid of the Ellen ride and the Great Movie Ride. Me, personally I am glad to see the Ellen ride go. It is extremely outdated. If they were not going to update it at all, something new should be put in its place. I do understand why people don’t like the fact that the Great Movie Ride is going away, but I am happy to see a Mickey Mouse ride finally come to the Disney parks. I know people don’t like the current look of Mickey Mouse, but I ask Disney fans out there to get them a chance. I personally can’t want to see Galaxy’s Edge and the new Star Wars resort…I am a huge Star Wars fan.
One of the fears from the panel was that they were going to announce that Figment was going to leave EPCOT, but I am happy that he is going to be staying.
Once I hear of any more announcements coming from the parks, I will make sure to write my thoughts about them.

Written By Michael K.

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