Free Kids Workshop At Home Depot 2018 Schedule

Home Depot free kids workshop schedule for 2018 has been released and we’re not only sharing what the next Home Depot free kids workshops for 2018.


  1. January 6th
  2. Febuary 3rd
  3. March 3rd
  4. April 7th
  5. May 5th
  6. June 2nd
  7. July 7th
  8. August 4th
  9. September 1st
  10. October 6th
  11. November 3rd
  12. December 1st

The Home Depot free kids workshops have been known to run out of supplies…so while you don’t need to make reservations for the workshops, you can register here.


The Home Depot FREE Kids’ Workshops usually center around whatever holidays are happening that month and let kids build (and often paint) things like cars, napkin holders, games & more. Every participant in the kids workshops also gets a certificate, orange apron, pin and treats when they complete the project!


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